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COVID-19 - Humans serving fellow humans

Posted on : 15 / 05 / 2020



As you all know, the current coronavirus pandemic is disrupting all of our lives. It particularly affects those who are vulnerable and those who cares for them.

Each one of us is at the heart of the action that must be taken to contain this pandemic by putting an end to the contamination.

Every day, we need to adapt to new directives and procedures and offer the best of ourselves for the well-being and physical and psychological safety of our residents.

In the midst of this whirlwind in which we all are, it seems important to us to take a moment to stop and warmly thank all those who contribute to the safety of our residents and of society:

  • Thank you first to our residents, for their great patience and understanding.
  • Thank you to the many families and loved ones who respect the established rules, despite the difficulty.
  • Thank you to our dedicated and supportive staff. Your work is extremely important in the success of this challenge, which is global in scope, but one that counts for every action taken locally.

We don't know how long this crisis will last, but we know that in order to take care of others, you must also take care of yourself.

Use your free time to recharge your batteries. Our residents and your families love you and need you to be healthy!

Jean Teasdale,

President and Chief Executive Officer

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