HORIZON – Retirement Management

HORIZON - Retirement Management is a retirement and senior living residence management firm. The firm manages four (4) seniors’ residences in the Montreal area and two (2) in the Ottawa area. The current portfolio includes over 1,100 units.

The residences provide services for independent living, assisted living and memory care seniors.

The firm's mission is to provide seniors with personalized quality care and services, in a living environment adapted to their needs and lifestyles.

The resident being at the heart of our commitment; our residences allow seniors to live with dignity respecting their differences, preferences and values.

Our accommodations strive to provide seniors with optimal living conditions, in order to maintain their health and their independence, all the while providing them access to a variety of adapted services and care.

Our most fundamental and precious assets are without a doubt, our employees, who are all at the heart of our mission and who assist our residents in their daily lives.